Poll: Who Will Kick It On The Season 3 ‘Scandal’ Finale?!


Um, talk about dropping a major bomb (literally)! Last night’s Scandal left us holding our breath, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be exhaling until April 17. Because it definitely seems as though Shonda Rhimes will be unceremoniously offing at least one character in next week’s Season Three finale (ugh, mid-April is way too early — damn you Kerry Washington’s unborn fetus!)

When we left things off, Eli Pope was bleeding out on the floor of OPA since Huck & Quinn were too busy, uhh, hucking in the parking lot to prevent a KNOWN TERRORIST from casually walking through the front door.

But Papa Pope ain’t the only one in danger! After Jake informed Cyrus (because they’re totally chill now and are completely past that “you shot my husband in cold blood” phase of their relationship) that Maya’s major-bomb-of-doom was planted at Senator Whatshisname’s funeral, Cy was able to keep Fitz safe. However, he conveniently kept that nugget of information from Sally Langston, who was already en route to the church. And then he smiled his chipper little sociopathic murderer smile.

And let’s not forget Harrison (even though Rhimes does, like, 99% of the time!). Last we checked he was being held at gunpoint by Adnan. But we seriously have to wonder if Columbus Short ever storms into Shonda’s office demanding some screen time like this:

Careful not to pop a blood vessel there, Mellie.


So who’s gonna join James in Scandal heaven next week? Sound off in our poll!

Anyone missing from our death watch list? Sound off in the Scandal TV Room here.

Written by Jen Abidor

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