#TBT: The Life of a Spice Girls Fan in the ’90s


For a whole generation of ’90s girls, the Spice Girls meant absolutely everything. Don’t take our word for it? Just look at Emma Stone and her sweet Spice-Girls-loving heart — it’s 2014 and she can’t get through an interview these days without mentioning (or crying about!) her idols.


Emma’s adorable geek outs about the Spice Girls made us want to throw it back (it is Thursday, after all) to the good old days — the days when spice meant so much more than what you found on racks in the kitchen and five British girls took the music world by storm. Here’s what they were like:

You played this on repeat:


On one of these:


You knew that the “A-Z” verse of “Wannabe” was the best part of the song:


…It was essentially your introduction to rap… and you knew it by heart.

You knew better than to question the meaning of Zig-A-Zig-Ah. (But it meant everything to you):


Everyone in your group of friends had an assigned Spice Girl that they got to be on a rotational schedule. And you always wanted to be Baby (no one EVER wanted to be Sporty):


Speaking of Baby, you wanted a “BABY” necklace… you wanted a “BABY” necklace so bad.

You sucked on these:


But it was mostly so that you could collect these:


You read these and kept them in your pocket:


But you probably could have written them, if we’re being honest…

This made you want to go and hug your mom:


This was worthy of ‘Best Picture’ in your book:

…Yes, even the bizarre alien sub plot. (Especially the bizarre alien sub plot?)

But most importantly, you realized that girls really do rule and friends always come first:


…Because friendship never ends. (But if you wanna be my lover, I think I’d prefer you NOT get with my friends, thank you very much)


To keep up this trip down memory lane, be sure to join our Celebrity & Pop Culture Buzz TV Room here! We’re sharing our favorite Spice Girls throwback vid there!

Written by Jen Abidor

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