10 Things Only PBS Viewers Can Understand


If you’re like us, you’re loving Jeremy Piven (aka Entourage‘s Ari Gold!) on Masterpiece’s Mr. Selfridge! But we also have a soft spot for Selfridge’s home-sweet-network, PBS. That’s right — we love all things (old and new) about the Public Broadcast Service.

And if you feel the same way, here’s a list of things we just know you’ll relate to!

1. You’re forced to avoid spoilers forever:


Since your favorite shows like Mr. Selfridge and Downton Abbey air in the UK first, you constantly battle the temptation to look up spoilers online.

2. …And the time until the episodes finally air here moves SO SLOWLY:


Is time moving backwards?!

3. You spend most of your time wishing you were British:


Everything just sounds better in a British accent.

4. You’ve never been so attracted to a beard:


Ari Gold + Facial Hair = CAN’T HANDLE.

5. You have an almost Pavlovian reaction to tote bags:


For a small donation of 4 billion dollars, this PBS tote bag can be yours!

5. If you’re a dedicated PBS viewer, that means you were raised on PBS KIDS:


6. So you learned the plots of most literary classics from a talking dog…


What’s the story, Wishbone?!

7. You were taught everything you needed to know about science from this woman…


…And your preferred mode of transportation was a magic school bus.

8. You knew this zip code better than your own…


9. And you always wished you could be one of the kids giving a word on Arthur.


“And now a word from us kids!”

10. But whether you were watching the kids shows or flipping out over today’s Masterpiece hits, you’ve always felt valued because it was all possible thanks to:



We can’t offer you a tote bag, but we can give you the chance to chat with fellow PBS-ers by following the Mr. Selfridge TV Room. You don’t even need to donate!

Written by Jen Abidor


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